Work – Dogs Best Man



Dog Best Man ( Truls Bakken ) asked us to design his new logo. Truls is a well known dog photographer from Bergen, Norway. We got in touch a few months ago via Instagram. He ordered a few mugs via our webshop, and we stayed in touch since. It’s really cool to see that the dog “community” on Instagram is really supportive. And that Truls asked us to design his new logo was a real honor for us. We were free in every way for the design. He only mentioned that the Irish Wolfhound is his favorite hound. We combined this together with his beautiful country and designed this logo for Dogs Best Man.


Mac Demarco – Another ( demo ) One


Mac Demarco ( McBriare Samuel Lanyon “Mac” DeMarco ) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He’s style is pretty recognizable for it’s low bass and as I like to call it “Hawaii guitars” Demarco himself calls his style: Jizz Jazz.

This album was a special Records Store Day release in 2015. Only 5000 were released on red vinyl and we were pretty lucky that our local record store received just one copy. This album is the demo version of the official “Another One” album. So you can hear some more jamming in between and some improvising in voice and guitar. Only good vibes on this sunday!

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Travel – Wolf day in Zeeland

SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_32 SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_33 SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_22 SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_21 SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_11 SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_17 SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_2 SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_6

We had some busy days the last past weeks. So last Saturday was time for a beach session. So we decided to go to the beach in Zeeland. It’s maybe a 2 hour drive from where we live. But its always worth the travel. We know that there’s a part of the beach where dogs are allowed (Domburg). There are lot of dogs that are running loose near the water, so Wolf had lots of fun here. This is our most common trip when we want some relaxing. First some coffee at the beach, let Wolf get tired by playing with other dogs, eat some fish and go for a little skate. Perfect Saturday! For more photos click below.

A special thanks to Allku Pets for the great blanket & Handvaerk for the perfect t-shirt for Cleo.

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Vinyl Sunday – Allah-Las – Calico Review



Fresh pick up this week: Allah-Las. Our most favorite band, we’ve spinned their first self titled album and their second album “Worship the Sun” almost every week last 6 years. And it never bored us a second. But we couldn’t be more happier when they announced their new album that came out last Friday.
For those who don’t know who they are. Allah-Las is a four man band formed in Los Angeles California 2008. Their style is a real Cali /surf /indie rock sound you can hear where their inspiration is coming from like: the Beach Boys, The Flying Burrito Brothers and The Byrds. But they make it sound way more fresher and up-tempo with their real own Allah-Las style. We saw them perform twice in the Netherlands and we’ve included a photo of last show in Utrecht. If you have the chance, then you should go out and check a live show. It’s almost like they play their album but then louder! We’re gonna spin the Calico Review the rest of our Sunday! Enjoy yours.

Travel – The Hoxton Amsterdam

The-Hoxton-Sun-of-Wolves_4 The-Hoxton-Sun-of-Wolves_29 The-Hoxton-Sun-of-Wolves_15 The-Hoxton-Sun-of-Wolves_20 The-Hoxton-Sun-of-Wolves_12 The-Hoxton-Sun-of-Wolves_18 The-Hoxton-Sun-of-Wolves_34The-Hoxton-Sun-of-Wolves_24

A little while ago we teamed up with The Hoxton hotel in Amsterdam. We were able to spend one night in probably one of the most beautiful hotel rooms of The Netherlands. We’re in Amsterdam very often. But most of the time our visits are work related. Now it was time to relax and enjoy the good weather and views. The location of the hotel is perfect (Herengracht 255). The Negen Straatjes (nine streets) are just around the corner and the neighborhood is full of nice shops, canals and beautiful houses.

The hotel is made up of 5 canal houses, the building was once home to the Mayor, way back in the 17th century. Now it houses 111 rooms spread across 5 floors with plenty of quirks including some monumental ceilings and lots of canal views. It’s filled with beautiful furniture, it’s a combination between vintage and new design. Every single corner of this hotel is perfect.

The Hoxton is not just an ordinary hotel. They also have a very good restaurant downstairs. a beautiful event space called “The Apartment” and a gallery “The Hoxtown Gallery”. Keep that last one in mind because something great is coming up next year between Cleo and The Hoxton :) Click below for more photos

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Endless Summer

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset
Photo: Sun of Wolves – Venice Beach CA

Endless Summer is a must watch surf documentary made in 1964 directed by Bruce Brown. If you want to see and feel the original surfing vibes, classic long boarding action combined with a soundtrack that you can play on repeat all day then this is a must watch. Endless Summer was the first that shows the surf and travel style, the shot surfing actions in Hawaii, South Afric, New Zealand and more. It’s crazy to see a movie thats 50 years old and is still relevant today. Even the soundtrack with the surf rock tunes made by The Sandals is a classic that you definitely should give a spin. Enjoy your surf blues Tuesday!

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Vinyl Sunday – Hells Angels On Wheels OST



Hells Angels on wheels is a movie made in 1967. Starring very young Jack Nichelson. Don’t expect a full action movie about Hells Angels. But if you want to see some cool old Harley Sportsters, classic Hells Angels gear and even some original members then this movie is must watch! Even Ralph ‘Sonny’ Barger, the president of the Oakland, California chapter of the Hell’s Angels, is seen in an early scene but has no spoken lines in the film. I prefer the Hells Angels 69 movie if I have to choose.

But the soundtrack of the movie is really good. Completely made by Chuck Sedacca & Stu Phillips.
The soundtrack is completely instrumental with some mellow, psych, rock and surf influences. Every track has a other vibe. But that’s completely why we like it. Perfect for some background tunes while working.

WestBound – California desert pt. 1

_MG_8662 _MG_8755
_MG_8702 _MG_8746  _MG_8481

It’s almost a year ago that we went to California. And we still haven’t uploaded all our photos from this trip. Lots of catching up to do! This is post is all about the desert vibes in Joshua Tree park. This is a national park almost a two hours drive from LA. There are a few camping spots in Joshua Tree park and one of them is campground Jumbo Rocks. That’s maybe the only camp spot where you can find some shadow places (if you’re lucky).

The whole campground is surrounded by big rocks. You just have to check if there’s a place free, there are no reservations, showers or any kind of water. So be sure that you packed enough water, food, and wood with you to make a fire at night. Jumbo Rocks is very back to basic, we love this but not everyone does. You can climb up the rocks to have a amazing view. And it’s even more special to see the sunset from this point. The first evening was incredible because there was a full moon during the sunset so everyone who sat on the rocks were howling like wolves at each other for minutes. We only spent one night in Jumbo Rocks, because we were really in need for a real bed and shower after 6 nights of sleeping at a camp site in Carpenteria. Near the entrance of the park is a Motel 6 in Twentynine Palms and that one was perfect. We paid 60 dollars and we even had a swimming pool in the front. So that was a nice extra with 40C. degrees. Felt like heaven to have a shower!

A park ranger recommended to check out the Cholla Cactus Garden in the evening in Joshua Tree park. There are only 4 roads in Joshua Tree park and everything is pretty well signed, so you can’t miss it. The cactusses over there ( named the Cholla cactus ) are covered with white hairs and needles, and this causes a beautiful glow around the cactusses when the sun is going under. But this wasn’t the only treat we got that evening. We saw a perfect super-blood moon followed by a moon eclipse. Maybe the most magical experience of our whole trip!

We only saw a small part of Joshua Tree park, there’s much more to explore over there. We can’t wait to go back! The California desert has got a special place in our hearts. For more analog and digital shots click below >>

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Vinyl Sunday – The Highwaymen

IMG_1546 IMG_1556

New weekly item on our blog. We will show you the record that is playing in our house.
Vinyl has something magical to us, you have to put a little bit more effort to hear your favorite song.
You can really hold the music in your hands.
 We can spend days and nights just playing records in our living room.
We will give you a view in our (little) vinyl collection.

This week we listened a lot to Highwaymen; country super group by Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson.
Only 2 records made by this super group and this was their first one. We played this record in our car during our California road trip.
When we came back from our road trip we really wanted this album on vinyl. And we found it second hand on a flee market! couldn’t be more happy!
Playing this record is really taking us back to the American highways, good memories!
The Highwaymen is a our recommendation for some real American vibes through your speakers!