Westbound – Palm Springs

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It’s almost the end of 2016. It has been a great year for Sun of Wolves. But we both struggled with our health so we didn’t travel that much this year. We visited Iceland, Lanzarote, France and Belgium which was pretty good. But we would love to travel so much more! So we have a lot of plans for the upcoming year. It’s been more than a year since we’ve got home from our California trip and we realized we didn’t share all our moments with you yet. After our visit in Joshua Tree Park we booked a room at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. This place was like heaven. The room (with a kingsize soft bed), the pool, the music. the food.. just everything. We stayed here for two nights before we headed home. We could’t ask for a better wat to end our road trip. We also ate the best burgers in town at Woody’s Burgers (450 S Palm Canyon Dr). They have a live artist playing almost every night in the back of their restaurant. ( We ate a lot of burgers this trip, but this place was our favorite!) Palm Springs is a very inspiring place, we love the mid century vibes a lot and the colors during sunset in the desert are just breathtaking. This place stole our hearts and we definitely will be back in 2017.

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Four&Sons – Sun of Wolves

Fourandsonsmagazine1_16FourandsonsmagazineNEW1_12   Fourandsonsmagazine1_5Fourandsonsmagazine1_10 Fourandsonsmagazine1_6
This week the Four&Sons magazine finally arrived! If you’re not familiair with Four & Sons then you must check out their website. Four&Sons is both a print and online publication where dogs and culture collide. Chronicling the work of interesting people and their interesting dogs, Four&Sons is a guided tour through the worlds of art, photography, music, literature—even maths—as inspired  by man’s best friend. For this edition are we the interesting people. We had a fun video chat with one of the editors named Nadia Saccardo and she wrote a really nice article about us, Wolf, our passions and our two cats. We couldn’t be more happier to see our photos printed in such a great mag. Thanks Marta and Nadia for this opportunity!

Four&Sons – Dog Guide

FourandsonsmagazineNEW1_13 FourandsonsmagazineNEW1_14
Four&Sons asked us to make a city / dog guide for the city Amsterdam. We’ve listed all our recommendations in one guide. Nice places to walk with your dog, shops where your dog is welcome and places where you can grab a drink/bite. We also designed the map that’s included. One thing we really love about this magazine is that a percentage of their profits will go to a charity. We could nominate this charity and we choose for Dierenhulp zonder Grenzen, this is a organization that take care of shelters in Europe and make sure that dogs and cats will get a good home in the Netherlands. Our precious Wolf is also from this organization.

Click on the Read More button to see all the places we’ve mentioned:

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The Fur Club


We’re very excited to tell about our latest project together with Puha Studio.
Puha Studio is a well known design studio in the centre of our hometown Eindhoven. Thompson (one of the owners) is a good friend of ours who has a black Labrador named Ace. Wolf and Ace are best buddies and they make long dog walks together. We try to find new dog walk spots every weekend and we always end up somewhere random in the forrest with beautiful views. Afterwards we always tell our friends (who has dogs as well) how beautiful that route was, but trying to explain how to walk was always difficult. Also trying to find a nice dog walk trail in a town where you’ve never been before is pretty hard. That’s when the idea came up to work together on a app for dog walkings. Puha is a boss in programming and interactive design and we could do the visual part. That’s how the idea of The Fur Club came up. You can discover new dog walks, track your own and get inspired to explore more. Every dog walk that you track will be saved so that other dog walkers nearby can walk that same beautiful route. You can now sign up for the Beta version when it’s ready to release. Check out the www.thefur.club for all the details.


Vinyl Sunday – The Warriors OST

It’s almost three years ago that we visited NYC. Something that was on our to do list for quite a while. There was especially one place that we really wanted to visit, besides all the other great spots in NYC. This place goes by the name of Coney Island. We both know Coney Island  from two different movies. Steven knows it from the movie “The Warriors” and Cleo from “Requiem for a Dream”. If you ever want to visit NYC then Coney Island is a real recommendation. It takes a while with the subway to get there, but it’s a cool ride above Brooklyn for about a hour from China Town. Coney Island is a big pier and has a magical vibe. You see all kinds of people, carnaval and a place with the best hot dogs of NYC. Now back to vinyl Sunday, this soundtrack is pretty cool, but we only wanted this record for it’s classic cover. For those who don’t know this movie it’s all about the gang culture in the 70’s/80’s in NYC and it’s a absolute classic.

Travel – A road trip through Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain)

Lanzarote_72 Lanzarote_28Lanzarote_73 Lanzarote_74 Lanzarote_41 Lanzarote_66

Summer is definitely over in The Netherlands. From now on grey and cold days only. But these days are perfect to scroll through some photos of last summer. We already posted a story about our stay in Famara in the north of Lanzarote. But we visited a lot of other beautiful places.  So here are few recommendations!

Caleton Blanco: This is a beach in the North-West of the Island near a town named Orzola. The sand is all white, the rocks are black and the water is crystal clear! Beautiful combination and perfect for some relaxing. It’s also not that crowded and most of the visitors are locals. Because most of the the tourists are staying more in the West of the island.

Timanfaya National Park: This is a park filled with left over volcano rocks and sand. It’s there since the 70’s and it is beautiful! The colors you see over there are to perfect! Please note: We thought that we could drive ourselves through the park. But you have to park your car and take some kind of tour bus over there who drives you through the park. So make sure you take a seat near the window for some good photos!

Playa de Papagayo: This a small beach in the East of Playa Blanca. Please beware the road to this beach is all gravel and bumpy. But the trip is worth it, you pay a small entry fee maybe €4 for your car. The water is really clear and is great for some snorkeling. Lanzarote is called the island of the wind, so sometimes on the beach you get sand blasted. Nie thing about this beach is that that’s not possible because the beach is surrounded by big mountains.

Jardin de Cactus: We can be short about this, it’s a park and it’s filled with all kind of cactuses. Over 10.000 different ones. We love it!

Fundación César Manrique: If you’re visiting Lanzarote you can’t miss all the César Manrique art everywhere. Manrique was a artist and architect born in Arrecife, Lanzarote. He did a lot of good things for the island, and saw the potential in Lanzarote to be a perfect place for tourism. We visited his house that’s called Fundación César Manrique, and you can walk through all different kind of rooms, see his art and sketches.

Playa Honda: This a little village near the airport and is definitely worth a visit. There’s a nice little boulevard with lots of restaurants where you can drink some local beers. And the beach here is not that crowded.

Haría: A beautiful small town in the North of Lanzarote, better known as “the valley of thousand palms”. This place (as aspected) is filled with palmtrees, they have planted 2 palmtrees with every birth of a boy and 1 palmtree for each girl. This is perfect place to chill and enjoy the view.

For more photos click below:

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Work – Dogs Best Man



Dog Best Man ( Truls Bakken ) asked us to design his new logo. Truls is a well known dog photographer from Bergen, Norway. We got in touch a few months ago via Instagram. He ordered a few mugs via our webshop, and we stayed in touch since. It’s really cool to see that the dog “community” on Instagram is really supportive. And that Truls asked us to design his new logo was a real honor for us. We were free in every way for the design. He only mentioned that the Irish Wolfhound is his favorite hound. We combined this together with his beautiful country and designed this logo for Dogs Best Man.


Mac Demarco – Another ( demo ) One


Mac Demarco ( McBriare Samuel Lanyon “Mac” DeMarco ) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He’s style is pretty recognizable for it’s low bass and as I like to call it “Hawaii guitars” Demarco himself calls his style: Jizz Jazz.

This album was a special Records Store Day release in 2015. Only 5000 were released on red vinyl and we were pretty lucky that our local record store received just one copy. This album is the demo version of the official “Another One” album. So you can hear some more jamming in between and some improvising in voice and guitar. Only good vibes on this sunday!

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Travel – Wolf day in Zeeland

SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_32 SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_33 SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_22 SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_21 SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_11 SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_17 SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_2 SOW-Domburg-Westkapelle_6

We had some busy days the last past weeks. So last Saturday was time for a beach session. So we decided to go to the beach in Zeeland. It’s maybe a 2 hour drive from where we live. But its always worth the travel. We know that there’s a part of the beach where dogs are allowed (Domburg). There are lot of dogs that are running loose near the water, so Wolf had lots of fun here. This is our most common trip when we want some relaxing. First some coffee at the beach, let Wolf get tired by playing with other dogs, eat some fish and go for a little skate. Perfect Saturday! For more photos click below.

A special thanks to Allku Pets for the great blanket & Handvaerk for the perfect t-shirt for Cleo.

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