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So since we’re back from our West Bound trip i’m pretty stoked about surfing. I surfed once a few years ago in Australia but when I saw the surfing going down on the West Coast I really felt the surf vibe.

I was always inspired by surfers as a skater. So seeing the real life action going on only seen in documentaries like DogTown & Z-boys was pretty great. Especially when visiting Venice beach, you can understand that I had to buy a new Dogtown deck over there. Back in the Netherlands I was more and more into surfing and the sub-culture. Checking old documentaries like Neverending Summer ( that soundtrack is awesome! ) I was more and more stoked for going surfing. So when we visited Famara ( see previous blogpost ) I had to surf. And now I think I’m addicted. I really feel the need to go back there because in Holland the surf conditions aren’t that good.

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Travel – Famara, Lanzarote (Canary Islands)

Lanzarote-_17 Lanzarote-_25 Lanzarote-_4
Lanzarote-_13 Lanzarote-_22 img057

It’s been a little while since we posted something. Business is doing great and we went on a trip to Lanzarote in the meanwhile. We have so many photos and stories we want to share with you!

Lanzarote was on our list for a while, and we didn’t regret going there. The combination between volcanos, palmtrees the sea and cactuses were amazing. It felt like a mix of Iceland and California. We rented a car for the entire week. Lanzarote is a small island so with the car it was possible to see almost every part of the island.

We really wanted to stay in Famara first, this is a beautiful little village in the north. They also call it “Hawaii of Europe”. The surf conditions are very good out here. Famara is a very small village with one small supermarket, a few restaurants and surf shops. People from all over the world are staying here to surf. We booked a room for a few nights via AirBnb with an surfer guy called Alex. We never met such a relax and easy going person like him. His house is located at the bulanglow park of Famara. Beautiful houses with a great beach and mountain view. We could stay here forever.

Famara deserves it’s own blogpost because this place stole our hearts. We already dreaming about going back. Famara is magical.

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Travel – Roadtrip to Etretat, France

Etretat-blogpost_7 Etretat-blogpost_1Etretat-blogpost_16 F1000013 Etretat-blogpost_48


A few weeks ago we traveled to Étretat, a little village in Normandia  (France) . We drove for 6 hours with Wolf in the back of our car. With enough drink/eat and pee stops for Wolf ( and ourselves) But the long drive was totally worth it. We stayed in a dog friendly hotel named Saint Christophe near the village for 2 nights. Their breakfast was so good! fresh baked bread and croissants and some good coffee, perfect to start your day. We’ve been checking Étretat for a while on the internet and we always wanted to visit their beautiful cliffs sometimes. Wolf really blended in with the colors of the rocks, like a chameleon. Check out our photos of the trip below.

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Goods – Wool & Dogs

WoolfandDogs_1 WoolfandDogs_5

We recently got in contact with a company named Wool & Dogs. They make some great dog products made from 100% wool. This is perfect for us because Wolf is allergic for synthetic products. So everything that Wolf is wearing is leather or 100% cotton. All their products are handcrafted and totally free from any chemical products. We got their grey leash and collar and it suits Wolf beautiful! Thanks Wool & Dogs!

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The Chief tote bag

We got a new Sun of Wolves tote bag in our webshop called “the Chief”. Inspired by the classic logo of Indian Motorcycles and off course our dog Wolf. They’re running fast so get yours quick at our webshop


WestBound – San Francisco

SF-sow-blog_27SF blogpost_30SF-blogpost_23

And the Westbound journey continues! Last summer we made a California road trip which was amazing! Our journey started in Los Angeles. After a few days in the city of dreams it was time to hit the road and camp for a few nights. We’ve spend a few nights in Carpinteria (near by Santa Barbara) and Big Sur. This was such an amazing experience. So do you have plans to drive via the Pacific Highway 1? Buy a tent and camp!

After those amazing nights it was time to visit San Francisco! On our way to SF we also visited Carmel and Santa Cruz. Via we booked a last minute hotel stay for a good price in San Francisco. It’s a expensive city so we were very happy. And every bed is great after a few nights of camping!

c o n t i n u e   r e a d i n g   c l i c k   b e l o w

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Iceland – Husky glacier hike

Waterval Cleo Harry Rjupa-21Harry Rjupa-70

When we planned our trip at home we where searching for a nice place to stay in Vík, a cute little town in the south of Iceland. Along the way we would pass by some great sightseeings. Via we found something beautiful, a dog friendly guesthouse called Einarsstaδir Homestay. It looked really promising.. great reviews, nice photos and they had dogs! Pretty ones.. so this was ment to be.

Along the way from Laugarvatn to Vík we visited the waterfall Seljalandfoss and the famous vulcano Eyjafjallajökull. Gulfoss was also on our list but the wind was very strong. We had some serious problems with opening the car doors so we decided to visit Gullfoss later on our way back to Reykjavík.

c o n t i n u e   r e a d i n g   c l i c k   b e l o w

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WestBound – Big Sur, Pacific highway pt. 2

Big Sur-49Big Sur-21Big Sur-46

Here’s the third Westbound blog post. It’s been a few months since we came back from our 3-week roadtrip across the West Coast of America. We started our journey in Los Angeles. It’s an amazing city with a lot of impressions. After that we bought a tent we started our Pacific Highway journey. We camped with some dear friends in Carpinteria (Santa Barbara). Along the way we stopped over a lot of times to check out the beautiful views.

c o n t i n u e   r e a d i n g   c l i c k   b e l o w

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Dogblog – Daily Poetry

Daily Poetry blogpost_18

If you’re living in the Dutch city Den Bosch or Eindhoven there’s a big change you know the shop Daily Poetry. Since day one we’re a big fan of this shop. They are located in Eindhoven (Urban Shopper, Strijp-S) and Den Bosch (Vughterstraat 72). They are excellent in finding new unique brands and products. Their concept, the buildings, even the present packages are perfect. But maybe one of the most important thing of this shop; the owners are very kind and easy going! We think that’s one of the most important thing when you own a business.

c o n t i n u e   r e a d i n g   c l i c k   b e l o w

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Goods – Allku Pets


A little while ago we’ve got in touch with the brand Allku Pets; a group of Ecuadorian artisans and dog lovers striving to create a high quality product for dogs and their human companions which is durable and fashionable and carries with it the strong cultural identity and traditions of the Otavalo people of Ecuador.

The story behind Allku Pets is very fascinating; From high in the Andes mountains, the Otavaleños have thrived in the regions of northern Ecuador since long before the rise of the Inca Empire. The Otavalo people have a long tradition of artisanal culture, indeed legend has it that the Otavaleños were known across the region as the best textile makers for generations before the Inca invasion in the late 15th century.

Dogs held a particularly important place in ancient society. The Inca believed that a ‘black dog companion’ helped guide the spirits of the dead along the long dark road on the path to reincarnation. Without their dog guide, the spirits of the deceased would be forever lost, unable to complete the transition back in to a living being. Today, while they don’t hold the same mystical position they once did, dogs are a critical part of agriculture, prevalent across the Ecuador, Peru, parts of Colombia and Bolivia. (source: Allku Pets website)

Besides the beautiful story behind this brand we absolutely love the designs they have to offer. Wolf is wearing a black & white large collar and a large leash. This products are beautiful and easy to use. The materials are strong but light weight, which is very comfortable.