“It felt very natural to combine fashion, dogs, travelling… To make our own little world and create a place to share it” 

Combine one graphic designer, one photographer, and one wolf-like German shepherd / Akita / Chinook cross and you get Sun of Wolves—an Eindhoven-based project that creates products with personality. Founders Cleo Goossens and Steven Janson are the smarts behind the goods (enamel dog bowls, mugs, totes, lighters, posters, cards, and flags) but Wolf is the beating heart of the operation. His love of a salad bowl inspired the label’s popular dog bowls, which Goossens and Janson then extended to mugs—“so that people could have the same drinking experience as their dog!”

This little label has a warmth that’s both calming and addictive. It could be because their products are hand-painted, or maybe it’s the blog of the trio’s travels, but we suspect it has a lot to do with the large friendly dog named Wolf.

(Four & Sons, 2016)

“The two creative minds allow us daily to travel with them through their blog and their pictures, without forgetting the special place their dog, Wolf, also takes. That’s what you can call a couple goals, creative career perfect path or a nomad family sharing stories with us through timeless pictures. For us, it is simply inspiring and engage us into a beautiful, delicate narrative of their own life. It fills up our everyday life with a little touch of magic; something we all need, isn’t?”

(Nouvelle Vogue Surf, 2016)

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