Four&Sons – Sun of Wolves

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This week the Four&Sons magazine finally arrived! If you’re not familiair with Four & Sons then you must check out their website. Four&Sons is both a print and online publication where dogs and culture collide. Chronicling the work of interesting people and their interesting dogs, Four&Sons is a guided tour through the worlds of art, photography, music, literature—even maths—as inspired  by man’s best friend. For this edition are we the interesting people. We had a fun video chat with one of the editors named Nadia Saccardo and she wrote a really nice article about us, Wolf, our passions and our two cats. We couldn’t be more happier to see our photos printed in such a great mag. Thanks Marta and Nadia for this opportunity!

Goods – Stutterheim

Stutterheim-SOW-20 Stutterheim-SOW-26

When you have a dog and you are living in a country like The Netherlands there’s huge change you walk a lot of times in the rain. We’re kinda used to this.

I remember the day’s when we came back home and we were soaking wet because we were to stubborn to wear ugly rain suits.. they look like garbage bags. But rain, wet clothes and wet dog hair isn’t the best combination.

We’ve got in touch with Stutterheim, an amazing raincoat brand. They make the most beautiful handmade raincoats inspired by old sailor rain coats. We really love to hold on good memories and do something good with it. Our minimalistic and nostalgic styles fits perfect together. So a collaboration was born.

This is the perfect coat for dog owners. But also for people without a dog who just want to look fabulous :)