Endless Summer

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset
Photo: Sun of Wolves – Venice Beach CA

Endless Summer is a must watch surf documentary made in 1964 directed by Bruce Brown. If you want to see and feel the original surfing vibes, classic long boarding action combined with a soundtrack that you can play on repeat all day then this is a must watch. Endless Summer was the first that shows the surf and travel style, the shot surfing actions in Hawaii, South Afric, New Zealand and more. It’s crazy to see a movie thats 50 years old and is still relevant today. Even the soundtrack with the surf rock tunes made by The Sandals is a classic that you definitely should give a spin. Enjoy your surf blues Tuesday!

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South to Sian


So since we’re back from our West Bound trip i’m pretty stoked about surfing. I surfed once a few years ago in Australia but when I saw the surfing going down on the West Coast I really felt the surf vibe.

I was always inspired by surfers as a skater. So seeing the real life action going on only seen in documentaries like DogTown & Z-boys was pretty great. Especially when visiting Venice beach, you can understand that I had to buy a new Dogtown deck over there. Back in the Netherlands I was more and more into surfing and the sub-culture. Checking old documentaries like Neverending Summer ( that soundtrack is awesome! ) I was more and more stoked for going surfing. So when we visited Famara ( see previous blogpost ) I had to surf. And now I think I’m addicted. I really feel the need to go back there because in Holland the surf conditions aren’t that good.

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