Endless Summer

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Photo: Sun of Wolves – Venice Beach CA

Endless Summer is a must watch surf documentary made in 1964 directed by Bruce Brown. If you want to see and feel the original surfing vibes, classic long boarding action combined with a soundtrack that you can play on repeat all day then this is a must watch. Endless Summer was the first that shows the surf and travel style, the shot surfing actions in Hawaii, South Afric, New Zealand and more. It’s crazy to see a movie thats 50 years old and is still relevant today. Even the soundtrack with the surf rock tunes made by The Sandals is a classic that you definitely should give a spin. Enjoy your surf blues Tuesday!

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Vinyl Sunday – Hells Angels On Wheels OST



Hells Angels on wheels is a movie made in 1967. Starring very young Jack Nichelson. Don’t expect a full action movie about Hells Angels. But if you want to see some cool old Harley Sportsters, classic Hells Angels gear and even some original members then this movie is must watch! Even Ralph ‘Sonny’ Barger, the president of the Oakland, California chapter of the Hell’s Angels, is seen in an early scene but has no spoken lines in the film. I prefer the Hells Angels 69 movie if I have to choose.

But the soundtrack of the movie is really good. Completely made by Chuck Sedacca & Stu Phillips.
The soundtrack is completely instrumental with some mellow, psych, rock and surf influences. Every track has a other vibe. But that’s completely why we like it. Perfect for some background tunes while working.

Vinyl Sunday – The Highwaymen

IMG_1546 IMG_1556

New weekly item on our blog. We will show you the record that is playing in our house.
Vinyl has something magical to us, you have to put a little bit more effort to hear your favorite song.
You can really hold the music in your hands.
 We can spend days and nights just playing records in our living room.
We will give you a view in our (little) vinyl collection.

This week we listened a lot to Highwaymen; country super group by Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson.
Only 2 records made by this super group and this was their first one. We played this record in our car during our California road trip.
When we came back from our road trip we really wanted this album on vinyl. And we found it second hand on a flee market! couldn’t be more happy!
Playing this record is really taking us back to the American highways, good memories!
The Highwaymen is a our recommendation for some real American vibes through your speakers!

South to Sian


So since we’re back from our West Bound trip i’m pretty stoked about surfing. I surfed once a few years ago in Australia but when I saw the surfing going down on the West Coast I really felt the surf vibe.

I was always inspired by surfers as a skater. So seeing the real life action going on only seen in documentaries like DogTown & Z-boys was pretty great. Especially when visiting Venice beach, you can understand that I had to buy a new Dogtown deck over there. Back in the Netherlands I was more and more into surfing and the sub-culture. Checking old documentaries like Neverending Summer ( that soundtrack is awesome! ) I was more and more stoked for going surfing. So when we visited Famara ( see previous blogpost ) I had to surf. And now I think I’m addicted. I really feel the need to go back there because in Holland the surf conditions aren’t that good.

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Travel – Roadtrip to Etretat, France

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A few weeks ago we traveled to Étretat, a little village in Normandia  (France) . We drove for 6 hours with Wolf in the back of our car. With enough drink/eat and pee stops for Wolf ( and ourselves) But the long drive was totally worth it. We stayed in a dog friendly hotel named Saint Christophe near the village for 2 nights. Their breakfast was so good! fresh baked bread and croissants and some good coffee, perfect to start your day. We’ve been checking Étretat for a while on the internet and we always wanted to visit their beautiful cliffs sometimes. Wolf really blended in with the colors of the rocks, like a chameleon. Check out our photos of the trip below.

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