Iceland – Husky glacier hike

Waterval Cleo Harry Rjupa-21Harry Rjupa-70

When we planned our trip at home we where searching for a nice place to stay in Vík, a cute little town in the south of Iceland. Along the way we would pass by some great sightseeings. Via we found something beautiful, a dog friendly guesthouse called Einarsstaδir Homestay. It looked really promising.. great reviews, nice photos and they had dogs! Pretty ones.. so this was ment to be.

Along the way from Laugarvatn to Vík we visited the waterfall Seljalandfoss and the famous vulcano Eyjafjallajökull. Gulfoss was also on our list but the wind was very strong. We had some serious problems with opening the car doors so we decided to visit Gullfoss later on our way back to Reykjavík.

c o n t i n u e   r e a d i n g   c l i c k   b e l o w

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WestBound – Big Sur, Pacific highway pt. 2

Big Sur-49Big Sur-21Big Sur-46

Here’s the third Westbound blog post. It’s been a few months since we came back from our 3-week roadtrip across the West Coast of America. We started our journey in Los Angeles. It’s an amazing city with a lot of impressions. After that we bought a tent we started our Pacific Highway journey. We camped with some dear friends in Carpinteria (Santa Barbara). Along the way we stopped over a lot of times to check out the beautiful views.

c o n t i n u e   r e a d i n g   c l i c k   b e l o w

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Iceland – Reykjavik & Golden Circle

Ijsland-119 Ijsland-6_21

Last week a dream came true. We went on a road trip through Iceland! It was magical. Especially Cleo is dreaming about this country for a long time. Since she saw the documentary Heima of the Icelandic band Sigur Rós she knew she would visit this place one day.

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Travel – date with the wolves

Wolvenpark-35-970x647 Wolvenpark-62Wolvenpark-40

Two weeks ago we visited the wolves in Germany. A Dutch man named Jos lives in Germany it was very interesting to see how Jos understand the wolves. It’s almost like he speaks the same language as them.

We were aloud to sit down with the wolves and cuddle a young wolf. She was very social because Jos raised her since she was a few days old. It’s unreal to come so close to a real wolf.

It was an amazing day together with our friends. Jos teached us a lot about these very special animals! It was definitely a day to remember. See our photos below.

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Goods – Stutterheim

Stutterheim-SOW-20 Stutterheim-SOW-26

When you have a dog and you are living in a country like The Netherlands there’s huge change you walk a lot of times in the rain. We’re kinda used to this.

I remember the day’s when we came back home and we were soaking wet because we were to stubborn to wear ugly rain suits.. they look like garbage bags. But rain, wet clothes and wet dog hair isn’t the best combination.

We’ve got in touch with Stutterheim, an amazing raincoat brand. They make the most beautiful handmade raincoats inspired by old sailor rain coats. We really love to hold on good memories and do something good with it. Our minimalistic and nostalgic styles fits perfect together. So a collaboration was born.

This is the perfect coat for dog owners. But also for people without a dog who just want to look fabulous :)


Philips-de-jongh-13Philips-de-jongh-46Meet Agniete, Rapolas and Kivis. They are from Vilnius, Lithuania. We crossed paths during a photo assignment.
“Kivis always gets super excited when we take him to the beach. He really enjoys running and playing on the beach, we love watching him do this. He’s our best friend, the one that’s always next to us, no matter what. He’s our lovely tiger.” – Agniete and Rapolas

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