Vinyl Sunday – The Warriors OST

It’s almost three years ago that we visited NYC. Something that was on our to do list for quite a while. There was especially one place that we really wanted to visit, besides all the other great spots in NYC. This place goes by the name of Coney Island. We both know Coney Island  from two different movies. Steven knows it from the movie “The Warriors” and Cleo from “Requiem for a Dream”. If you ever want to visit NYC then Coney Island is a real recommendation. It takes a while with the subway to get there, but it’s a cool ride above Brooklyn for about a hour from China Town. Coney Island is a big pier and has a magical vibe. You see all kinds of people, carnaval and a place with the best hot dogs of NYC. Now back to vinyl Sunday, this soundtrack is pretty cool, but we only wanted this record for it’s classic cover. For those who don’t know this movie it’s all about the gang culture in the 70’s/80’s in NYC and it’s a absolute classic.